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Dr. Xiaopeng Zong, headshotThe Biomedical Research Imaging Center is excited to announce that Dr. Xiaopeng Zong will be appointed to the new role of BRIC’s MR Imaging Faculty Advisor.

Many of you have already had experience working with Xiaopeng, who has extensive training and expertise in MR physics.  Xiaopeng completed his PhD in condensed matter physics using MR spectroscopy as the main research tool.  He has extensive research and technical support experience on animal and human MRI.  His research interests include fMRI and CEST MRI contrast mechanisms, MRI sequence development for fast imaging and motion correction, and small vessel imaging with 7 T MRI.

In his new roles, Xiaopeng’s main tasks are the following:

  • Working with users to install and compile C2P sequences,
  • Working with users to provide advice on the development and implementation of imaging protocols,
  • Participating in study initiation meetings with users,
  • Working with Siemens engineers to debug scanner problems,
  • Addressing technical questions from the users and technologists in a timely manner,
  • Determining potential sources of imaging artifacts when they arise.

We are very excited to have Xiaopeng’s expertise in this new role and look forward to working with him, as the human MR imaging program continues to grow at the BRIC!