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Quality Expo 2019 with stylized slogan myQI Quality is Our BusinessUNC Health Care’s annual Quality Expo was held October 16-17, 2019. The annual event is hosted by UNC Performance Improvement and Patient Safety (PIPS), and this year’s theme was Quality is our Business. The mission of UNC PIPS is to enable higher quality and safer patient care by partnering with healthcare professionals to drive process improvements, resulting in better health outcomes for our patients. The Carolina Antimicrobial Stewardship and OPAT programs were well represented, presenting five research posters.

Researcher with poster

William Wilson, PharmD, BCPS presented his poster “Utilization of a multidisciplinary care pathway and data analytics to improve management of pediatric appendicitis and antimicrobial stewardship” along with his co-authors Adam Bernstein, PharmD, BCPS, Dr. Michael Phillips, MD-Pediatric NSQIP Surgeon Champion, Michael Swartwood, BSN, RN, CAPM, and Dr. Zachary Willis, MD, MPH.

Dr. Phillips and Dr. Willis also presented their poster “Peri-Operative Antibiotic Selection and Administration is a High-Impact Target For Preventing Surgical Site Infections and Associated Morbidity” (not pictured) along with their co-authors Dr. Meredith Kugar, MD, Marcia M. Prince, RN-ACS NSQIP Pediatric SCR, Dr. Sean Mclean, MD, and Dr. Anthony Charles, MD.

Stein, Willis, and Swartwood with research poster
Stein, Willis, and Swartwood

Additionally, Dr. Willis also presented his poster “Implementation of Antibiotic Time Outs at UNC Medical Center”. He is shown above with co-authors May-Britt Stein, MSN, RN, CPHQ (far left) and Michael Swartwood, BSN, RN, CAPM (right). Not pictured are co-authors Lindsay Daniels, PharmD, BCIDP, Dr. Jon Juliano, MD, MSPH, Will Stanley, MS, Sara Dejene, MSPH, Ronald Davis, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP, Donna Krzastek, PharmD, BCPS, Dr. Clare Mock, MD, Emily Sickbert-Bennett, PhD, MS, CIC, and Dr. David J. Weber, MD, MPH.

researchers with poster
Boerneke and Holt

Renae Boerneke, PharmD, BCPS, CPP (left), presented OPAT’s “Phone-based Initiative for Care Coordination with patients receiving Intravenous antibiotics in the UNC Infectious Disease Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT) Program” poster. She is shown above with her co-author Anita Holt, RN (right). Not pictured were co-authors Michael Swartwood BSN, RN, CAPM, Alan Kinlaw, PhD, MSPH, Dr. Claire Farel, MD, MPH, Dr. Nikolas Mavrogiorgos, MD, and Bejal Kikani, FNP.

In addition to the posters pictured above, Dr. David J. Weber, MD, MPH and Emily Sickbert-Bennett, PhD, MS, CIC also co-authored “Three Years In: The Use of Multidisciplinary Workgroups to Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections” along with Shelley Summerlin-Long, RN, BSN, MPH, MSW, Lauren DiBiase, MS, CIC, Amy Selimos, MSN, RN, PCNS-BC, Lisa Teal, BSN, RN, CIC, Brooke Brewer, RN, BSN, MS, CNML, Mark Buchanan, BSN, BS, RN, RN-BC, Christa Clark, RN, BSN, CIC Karen Croyle, RN, BSN, CIC, Cynthia Culbreth, RN, BSN, Sherie Goldbach, Lori Hendrickson, MPH, RN,BSN, Natalie Schnell, BSN, RN, RN-BC, Katherine Schultz, RN, BSN, MPH, CIC Lisa Stancill, MPH.