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image of the front page of the CASP 2020 newsletter The StewardThe Carolina Antimicrobial Stewardship Program’s 2020 Newsletter features updates on its efforts, including:

  • Expert advice from CASP’s lead pharmacist Lindsay Daniels in Clinicians’ Corner
  • Pediatric stewardship news from UNC Children’s Hospital’s Zach Willis and Bill Wilson
  • How collaboration with Infection Prevention is expected to help keep C. difficile infection rates low
  • Progress in scaling up Antibiotic Time-outs across UNC Hospitals and how new services can take part
  • Renae Boerneke’s efforts to assess penicillin allergies and educational resources for patients and providers
  • CASP’s role in the remdesivir roll-out across all UNC Health System hospitals
  • How CASP took a page from tele-stewardship programs to make its program more nimble

To read more on these and other updates, view the newsletter.