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How well can you identify blood culturing best practices? Take the three-question quiz.

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1. The preferred method for obtaining blood cultures is by:

a. peripheral venipuncture

b. peripheral intravenous catheter (PIV) or
arterial catheter

c. central venous catheter


2. All adult blood cultures require a total of ____ bottles filled to ____ ml volume.

a. two bottles, 5-6 ml volume

b. four bottles, 8-10 ml volume

c. six bottles, volume is variable based on patient.


3. When obtaining cultures from a patient with a central line, best practice is to (choose all that apply):

a. Refer to the blood culture guideline.

b. Ensure there is a medical reason to salvage the central line.

c. Obtain cultures from multiple ports of a multilumen central venous catheter.


How did you do? Check your answers below.

Below is a summary of the key points. The full blood culture guideline includes additional information on how to obtain needed blood cultures with patients who have a central line.The answers to the above are: 1 a, 2b, 3 a and b only.

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