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Research Summary

Dr. Celia Shiau aims to understand the molecular control of activation and de-activation of macrophages, and their cellular and physiological functions during development and in homeostasis with a focus on neuroimmune communication. Shiau has been focusing on the critical role of macrophages in preventing inappropriate activation of inflammatory processes that would otherwise damage healthy tissues.  Her laboratory is addressing fundamental areas of macrophage biology in the context of how macrophages participate in the nervous system in both the brain and the gut, which are regions prone to inflammation. She is taking new directions and multidisciplinary approaches to address these interactions within their local environment as well as across organs. She leverages unique strengths of zebrafish to tackle these questions in vivo from genes to cells to organismal behaviors.

Relevance of Research to CGIBD Mission:

Understanding the normal interactions of intestinal macrophages and the ENS will not only allow us to understand how these processes may go awry in gastrointestinal and neuronal disorders, but also possible discovery of new approaches to improve or treat these diseases.


CGIBD Focus Area(s):  regenerative medicine/repair

Celia Shiau