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Philpot Lab Receives NIH Grant to Create Therapy for Rare Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome

The UNC School of Medicine lab of Ben Philpot, PhD, will build upon research previously funded by the Pitt-Hopkins Research Foundation to develop a therapy to treat children with this neurodevelopmental disorder.

James Alb Graduates from SOM Teaching Scholars Program

On August 28, 2019, the Teaching Scholars Program graduated 14 faculty from the year-long program. At the ceremony, the Scholars presented their scholarly work, on a variety of topics, aimed to enhance the medical education environment at the School of Medicine.

Kathleen Caron Research featured in Vital Signs

Led by Kathleen Caron, PhD, UNC School of Medicine researchers found that e-cigarette use during pregnancy impairs metabolic health in animal models.

Rob Tarran Study featured in Vital Signs

Scientists Show How Vaping Induces Reactions in Lungs that Can Lead to Disease In a new UNC School of Medicine study led by Rob Tarran, PhD, biomedical researchers show how high levels of protease enzymes in the lungs of e-cigarette users suggest they are at increased risk of developing emphysema.

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