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Assistant Professor
UNC-Chapel Hill

Areas of Interest

Cardiovascular disease accounts for 2,300 deaths per day in the US, claiming as many lives as the next four leading causes combined. Current vascular interventions for severe arterial atherosclerosis have limited success due to restenosis secondary to neointimal hyperplasia and remodeling. Our long term research aims to change the way we treat arterial disease in diabetes by:

  • Understanding how we can manipulate the redox environment of the vasculature to treat cardiovascular disease.
  • Understanding how different causes of redox dysfunction such as air pollution affect vascular surgery outcomes.
  • Developing targeted systems using nanotechnology to locally deliver redox-based therapeutics to the diseased arteries.

Nanotechnology has the potential to revolutionize the way we treat a wide variety of pathologies. Bahnson is interested in changing the way we think about treatment via the design of nanocarriers capable of targeting specific locations of the diseased vasculature.

Edward Bahnson, PhD