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Assistant Professor
UNC-Chapel Hill

Education and Training

University of British Columbia 2002-2006 BSc-Biochemistry
University of British Columbia 2006-2011 PhD-Biochemistry
Johns Hopkins University 2011-2017 Postdoc-Neuroscience

Areas of Interest

Sleep is an essential and evolutionarily conserved process that modifies synapses in the brain to support cognitive functions such as learning and memory. We are interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity with a particular interest in sleep. Using mouse models of human disease as well as primary cultured neurons, we are applying this work to understanding and treating neurodevelopmental disorders including autism and intellectual disability. The lab focuses on biochemistry, pharmacology, animal behavior and genetics.

Awards and Honors

2017: Eppendorf Science Prize for Neurobiology Finalist
2017: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Daniel Nathans Young Investigator Award
2017: Mentor-Mentee Award Johns Hopkins Postdoctoral Association
2015: Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative: Bridge to Independence Award
2012-2015: CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship Award
2009-2013: Four Year Fellowship for PhD Students
2008-2011: NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship (PhD, CGS-D)
2007-2008: NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship (Master’s, CGS-M)
2007-2009: MSFHR Junior Research Trainee Award


UNC Neuroscience Center

Diering, Graham