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Assistant Professor
UNC-Chapel Hill

Education and Training

Universita’ Statale di Milano, PhD
Yale University, Postdoc
Cornell University Medical College,Postdoc

Areas of Interest

My research interest is in the area of polarized exocytosis or how cell surface trafficking is regulated to specific sites. Using a variety of ‘in vivo’ and ‘in vitro’ approaches, my work had centered on the function of vesicle tethering factors and how they interact with Rab GTPases and SNARE proteins to mediate docking and fusion of vesicles with a target membrane and in particular how this process is regulated at the cell surface by Rho/Cdc42 family GTPases.

Awards and Honors

1991-1992 Leslie Warner Fellowship
1992-1993 Argull L. and Anna Hull Cancer Research Award
1993-1994 Donaghue Medical Research Foundation Fellowship