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Research Focus:

In the laboratory, we study the regulation of fibroblast phenotype in the context of pulmonary fibrosis and lung development. The current principal interests of my lab are: regulation of expression of Thy-1, a fibrosis suppressor, by transcriptional silencing and vesicular shedding; roles and regulation of fibroblast differentiation in lung alveolar development; epigenomic alterations in lung development and fibrogenesis; targeted delivery of antifibrotic therapies to the fibrotic lung; the roles of extracellular vesicles in lung fibrosis progression and resolution; and mechanisms of Thy-1 signaling regulating myofibroblastic adhesion, migration, differentiation and survival.

Jim Hagood
  • Phone Number

    919-966-1055 (Office Phone)

  • Address

    450 MacNider

    333 S. Columbia St.


    Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7217