Research by Azcarate, Lund and Otey appears in the winter issue of the UNC publication, endeavors – Cheney lab graduate student, Alex Raines, has byline

March 2011 – The winter edition of the UNC publication endeavors features the work of several department faculty members. The series “The Good, The Bad and the Unknown: Bacteria in Your Body” by Mark Derewicz includes Dr. Kay Lund’s research into the correlation between bacteria in the gut and type 2 diabetes, and Dr. Andrea Azcarate Peril’s research on the differences in fecal bacterial composition between formula-fed and breastfed infants.

Also in this issue, Cheney lab graduate student Alex Raines wrote the article “Cold-Called,” which outlines the Otey lab’s work on pancreatic cancer and how Dr. Carol Otey’s collaboration with Teri Brentnall, MD, at the University of Washington began with an unexpected phone call. Raines also explains how Otey met UNC surgeon H.J. Kim, MD, and their work to combine basic science and clinical approaches to advance the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Alex is an MD-PhD student currently working toward his PhD in neurobiology. Photographs of Drs. Otey and Kim that accompany the article are also Alex’s work.