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Fluidigm/Standard BioTools Juno Library Prep, qPCR, and Genotyping Services:

The UNC AA Core offers mid- to high-throughput genomics solutions using the sophisticated Juno instrument. Microfluidics technology allows sequencing libraries to be generated for up to 48 samples simultaneously with accurate, precise, and highly repeatable outcomes. Prepared libraries can be sequenced through the AA Core or returned to the user to be sequenced by their provider of choice.

How to start a project:

To begin planning a Standard BioTools Juno project with the AA Core, please contact Gabrielle Cannon to arrange a consultation.

Fluidigm Juno Pricing Estimates:
Service Price* UNC/NCSU/CGIBD Member Price**
Advanta Library Prep for RNA-Seq (up to 48 samples) $3,830 $3,145
Other Juno-Compatible Assays Available Upon Request Available Upon Request
NextSeq 500 Sequencing Pricing Estimates:
Service Price* UNC/NCSU/CGIBD Member Price**
Sequencing (1 x 75 bp, 400M reads) $2,378 $2,100
Sequencing (2 x 75 bp, 130M read pairs) $1,953 $1,675
Sequencing (2 x 75 bp, 400M read pairs) $3,728 $3,450


* Standard price estimate for materials and service. A customized quote can be provided upon consultation.

** Investigators affiliated with UNC, NCSU, or the CGIBD receive discounted pricing

Submitting Samples:

Users may schedule an appointment to drop off samples in the AA Core genomics laboratory:

AA Core MBRB Laboratory

Medical Biomolecular Research Building (MBRB)

Room 4331

111 Mason Farm Rd

Chapel Hill, NC 27599