Gnotobiotic Core

The mission of the Gnotobiotic Core is to support animal model and basic research projects of CGIBD investigators. Investigators use this resource to examine physiologic and pathophysiologic differences in germ-free, gnotobiotic, and specific pathogen free colonized mice of various genetic backgrounds. Investigators can precisely manipulate the microbiota by selectively colonizing germ-free rodents with single or multiple commensal or pathogenic bacterial or fungal species, using isogenic wild type or genetically engineered bacterial strains. Such studies help to define the physiologic and pathophysiologic relevance of bacterial genes.

The Gnotobiotic Core maintains several inbred and genetically engineered strains of germ-free mice. We are not a commercial vendor.

The Gnotobiotic Core is divided into two components. The two components provide similar services and are housed in separate locations. The North Carolina State University component is located at the College of Veterinary Medicine in Raleigh, NC, while the University of North Carolina component is located on the UNC Medical School campus in Chapel Hill, NC.

For more information and to place animal and service requests, please follow this link:

Director: R. Balfour Sartor, M.D.

Technical Director, University of North Carolina Gnotobiotic Core: Maureen Bower, B.S., RLATg

Director, North Carolina State University Gnotobiotic Core: Susan Tonkonogy, Ph.D.