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The UNC Center for Health Equity Research (CHER) brings together collaborative, multidisciplinary teams of stakeholders to improve health in North Carolina communities with a shared commitment to innovation, collaboration and health equity.

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  • Tonia Poteat

    Poteat and Colleagues Publish Transgender Women and HIV Research in BMC Public Health

    Tonia Poteat, CHER Core Faculty, and colleagues have published research on transgender women’s intervention preferences for addressing HIV vulnerability determinants. According to Poteat et al., “[t]ransgender women in the United States (U.S.) experience a disproportionate burden of HIV infection and challenges to engagement in HIV prevention and care.” Citing a CDC meta-analysis, the authors highlight … Continued

  • Tonia Poteat

    Poteat and Colleagues Publish Breast Cancer Care Research in Cancer

    Tonia Poteat, CHER Core Faculty, and colleagues have published research on delays in breast cancer care by race and sexual orientation. While “breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women…not all women face the same risk” from breast cancer. Amid declining overall deaths from breast cancer, Black women have a death … Continued


Featured Project

Combining Cohorts for Equity: Understanding Comorbidities in Diverse Women

Led by Tonia Poteat, this innovative study will use existing cohorts to establish a structure for a combined dataset following outcomes among these groups over time. This study will provide important data for a grant application to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.


Just released!

The first CHER annual report is now available

Cover of the UNC CHER 2019-2020 Annual Report