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The UNC Center for Health Equity Research (CHER) brings together collaborative, multidisciplinary teams of stakeholders to improve health in North Carolina communities with a shared commitment to innovation, collaboration and health equity.

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  • Looking Back, Looking Ahead as New IDEAS Project Closes

    When a researcher or a center starts work on a project, there’s often a lot of attention on the new work. Stories might talk about grants or project goals or spotlight researchers and staff. When a project is ending, though, there’s often less attention. It’s not as common to see stories about a study or … Read more

  • Ania Wellere

    “Getting the best of both worlds”: Meet Ania Wellere

      CHER is an interdisciplinary center. We love the range of experiences and expertise in our team. Some team members focus on community outreach. Others support grant writing. In Abacus, we have a fantastic team of evaluators who do everything from survey creation to deep dives into data analytics. That’s a lot of worlds working … Read more

  • Alexy Hernandez

    Engagement, Impact and Tar Heel Sports: Meet Alexy Hernandez

    Engagement is at the core of what we do at CHER. And that includes bringing in new team members with new experience and expertise. Alexy Hernandez joins us with engagement at the core of her new role. And, when she’s not working toward better healthcare for all, she’s cheering on Tar Heels. Look for her … Read more

  • Kristen Witkemper

    Hooking into CHER, Amplifying Voices: Meet Kristen Witkemper

      When we hire someone new, we’re always hoping we made a good pick. So, we’re excited to have hooked Kristen Witkemper onto our team! In addition to starting with us, she has (guitar) picks and (crochet) hooks, too. They’re part of how she spends her down time. She’s not just new to CHER, either. … Read more

  • A white ribbon icon on a Carolina Blue background

    SOM Professional Development Grants Help CHER Colleagues Grow

    by Abby Arcuri The UNC School of Medicine awards grants to support professional development among its employees. Recently, many people from CHER were awarded these grants. To support the professional development of its employees, the UNC School of Medicine awards grants. These grants invest in the employees’ talent and prosper growth. Some of CHER’s employees … Read more