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At CHER, we believe research shared is research improved. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new colleague in a new role.

Get to know Rachel Berthiaume, MPH, who slowed down for a few minutes to share with us.

Tell us about your role at CHER. What’s your position and focus?

I’m delighted to step into the role as the inaugural Associate Director of Education & Engagement for CHER.

In this role, I’ll be designing, supervising and evaluating the center’s educational programming, including annual events like the Health Equity Research Intensive and the Paul A. Godley Health Equity Research Week.

CHER has a history of offering dynamic and enriching programs through trainings, panels and symposiums. I’m excited to expand on this and explore even more diverse topics and engage with new audiences.

What are you looking forward to the most from working at CHER?

CHER is a respected resource for health equity research tools and strategies in the UNC community and nationally.

I’m eager to contribute to this work through my efforts.

What’s the most important thing for people to understand about what you do?

As a part of my role, I have a goal to collaborate closely within CHER, across the University and directly with community partners to nurture trust-based relationships and develop valuable, authentic educational offerings to strengthen researchers’ health equity skills.

It is important to me to not only share such equity-centered techniques within the programming but to also utilize them in the development of the programming as well.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I’m an avid adventure-seeker and explorer of city, state and national parks.

A very memorable adventure had me driving solo in a NASCAR race car at speeds topping 133 mph, in the Richard Petty Racing Experience at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.