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Assistant Professor, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Dr. Westmoreland is a pediatric hematologist-oncologist whose research focuses on conducting clinical research in pediatric and adolescent patients with Burkitt Lymphoma and Hodgkin Lymphoma in low resource settings. In particular, she is focused on clinical trial design and pharmacokinetics to generate data to support standardized treatment approaches and optimal dosing for common chemotherapy agents in sub-Saharan Africa, including a Methotrexate dose escalation phase I clinical trial for adolescents and young adult patients with Burkitt Lymphoma in Malawi. Dr. Westmoreland collaborates in her work with colleagues at UNC Project-Malawi, the Eshelman School of Pharmacy and the Gillings School of Global Public Health. Her ongoing research goals are to lead future clinical trials to optimize chemotherapy dosing and improve survival and quality of life for children and adolescents with cancer in sub-Saharan Africa.