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KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – September 1, 2022 – The UNC Nutrition Research Institute is pleased to announce that its laboratory directed by Saroja Voruganti, PhD, has been granted a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certification, allowing its lab to conduct Human DNA genotyping as a service for other researchers, scientists, and professionals in private and public industries.The Voruganti Nutritional Genomics (NGx) Lab, which also serves the UNC Nutrition Obesity Research Center’s Precision Nutrition Core, can accept samples for both research as well as clinical purposes for human genotype testing. This opens a new line of testing for researchers not previously available at the UNC Nutrition Research Institute.“We’re proud to have met CLIA’s stringent standards that ensure quality standards of operation and reliability of findings and outcomes. We are eager to continue to provide these services, at this new level, to fellow researchers and scientists needing nucleic acid extractions and genotyping analysis,” said Voruganti.The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regulates, manages, and inspects all CLIA laboratories as mandated by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR 42 Part 493.2). All CLIA-certified laboratories are expected to meet the regulatory requirements of CLIA. The quality of standards, established by CLIA, ensure the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of clinical test reporting across the country. CLIA applies to all clinical and some non-clinical laboratories operating in the United States.For more information, contact Saroja Voruganti at


Read the original news story on the Nutrition Research Institute’s website! 

Congrats to Dr. Voruganti and the Precision Nutrition Core for all their hard work in meeting the CLIA standards!