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iLabs Operations Software Coming to UNC Core Facilities

In November 2016, the University contracted with Agilent Technologies to provide their web based invoicing software package, iLab Operations Software, to 30 UNC core facilities.  Included in the iLab license is a feature rich billing and invoicing program that will be fully integrated with UNC’s PeopleSoft for seamless tracking and billing.
iLabs management system will decrease the amount of administrative burden on core facility staff, allowing them more time to devote to providing core services to users.
Features include a scheduling component with the ability to set access levels and track actual usage vs. scheduled usage, dynamic reporting capabilities for better management within the core, automated billing from orders, and tracking of subsidies and multi level pricing.
The credit card module is being added and will allow external users to pay by credit card.


iLabs advantages for Investigators:

  • Consistent and easy to use interface for the ordering process
  • ONYEN log-in
  • One-time profile set-up which will apply across all cores using the system
  • ChartField Strings (CFS) pre-loaded from PeopleSoft to reduce entry errors
  • Monitor the status of order requests and reservations in the system at any time
  • iLabs will be linked to funding sources. The PI of a grant will be able to control access to each funding source for others working on their projects.

For general iLabs implementation questions, please contact Jackie Schwamberger or Annabelle Stein.

For user and core inquiries on other ilabs matters, please contact the core support group at


The iLab/UNCCH Financial Integration allows PIs, Financial Managers, Researchers and Core Managers to ensure that they are using valid payment information (Chartfield String) at each step of the request and billing process for core facilities. PI’s and/or lab managers assign Chartfield String to individuals who should be able to order services from UNCCH cores. Researchers can order services with Chartfield String, and core managers can bill for these services knowing that they are using valid Chartfield String. This document can be used by core staff, PI’s, and lab managers as a guide for using iLab. This manual will review logging into and navigating iLab, assigning Chartfield String and making any appropriate changes to labs. UNCCH iLab Integration Manual