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Congrats to ORT’s own Dr. Christopher Gregory on the publication of :

“Addressing the Environmental Impact of Science Through a More Rigorous, Reproducible, and Sustainable Conduct of Research”

in the Journal of Biomolecular Technique. 


The importance of core facilities can be felt far beyond the research enterprise. This article highlights the role core facilities/shared resources play in lowering the environmental impact of research by:

  • Improving the environmental efficiency in the use of space, utilities, and equipment by ensuring equipment is used efficiently before increasing the number of instrumentation on campus and ensuring these equipment are run and maintained by experts in their field, reducing equipment breakage and downtime


  • Creating and disseminating rigorous standards for research, reducing the need to run additional studies due to the variability inherent in less rigorous research studies, reducing the number of animals and lab supplies needed to perform equipment which also reduces the environmental impact of research.