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The Animal Metabolism Phenotyping Core offers technical support and expertise for measuring traits related to metabolism in mouse models of nutrition and disease. The core provides access to state-of-the-art methods and equipment to support high quality phenotyping of energy balance in mice.

AMP-CH Core Flyer 2020

Services Include:

Indirect Calorimetry to evaluate and interpret energy intake, expenditure, and activity via a combined indirect calorimetry system in a home cage environment. Voluntary running wheels can be integrated for investigators interested in measuring energy expenditure while exposed to voluntary

Voluntary Running Wheels provide daily measurement summaries including total daily revolutions, time spent running, average speed, and maximum speed recorded in real-time.

MRI technology to evaluate whole body composition, including fat mass, lean tissue, and water in live mice without anesthesia. EchoMRI analysis also offers measurements for whole tissues and tissue biopsies.

Treadmill analysis of mouse exercise performance help examine the metabolic parameters in mice using speed, acceleration, and distance traveled as measures of maximal performance.

Metabolic Cages for Collection of Urine & Feces provide a custom system of 15 metabolic cages with a cooling unit to keep samples at, or below, 45ºF during the collection, preventing bacterial multiplication and improving sample quality and shelf life.

Study Design & Data Interpretation expertise to assist you in developing your study. We offer guidance to ensure quality control and study efficiency. Our core provides analysis for a wide variety of animal experiments requiring measurements of metabolism and energy balance.