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General FAQs

What if I have questions or concerns?
Feedback and partnership from the SOM clinical research community will be critical to the CDI initiative. If you have any questions or comments regarding the initiative now, please submit them to the CDI team using the following REDCap form:
When will this go into effect?
The staff career development initiative will be implemented in phases. Creation of the standardized position descriptions has been completed. Centralized support for the creation of new positions will begin in July 2023. Specifically, the TADA intake form is live as of July 1, 2023, and all new positions and reclassifications must utilize the TADA process starting July 17th, 2023.  Following that roll-out, we will begin the mapping process for existing positions. We anticipate that beginning Summer/Fall 2023.

Is this required for all SOM departments?
Yes. All SOM departments will be included in this initiative.


Standardized Positions

What are the standardized positions?
There are 15 standardized positions that are available for review on the CRSO website here:
How were the standardized positions created?
The standardized position descriptions were created based on information shared by peer institutions who have completed this process, feedback from experienced supervisors and managers across the SOM, and with guidance (and approval)  from SOM HR and OHR personnel.
Do the new SHRA positions fall within the current North Carolina state competency profiles and salary banding structures?
Yes. We are not creating or modifying any North Carolina state competency profiles or salary banding structures. All positions will still be required to meet minimum recruitment standards as outlined by the North Carolina Office of State Human Resources.
Will any positions be eliminated?
No, no positions will be eliminated as a direct result of this initiative.
What if my team has positions that do not align well with one of the 15 standardized positions?
The 15 standardized positions are meant to capture the majority of clinical research staff but are not fully comprehensive of all roles. For example, there are no standardized position descriptions for project managers and program directors. If an existing position does not align well with one of the 15 standardized positions, it will not be “mapped.”


Tasks and Duties Assessment Process (For New Positions and Reclassifications)

What is the Tasks and Duties Assessment Process?
The Tasks and Duties Assessment Process (TADA) is a new process aimed at simplifying and expediting the creation and/or the reclassification of SOM clinical research staff positions.
How will the TADA Process Work?
The TADA process begins with the completion of the TADA intake form by a departmental hiring manager or other designated personnel. This form will be reviewed by a committee of clinical research and HR personnel who will determine if the position falls within one of the 15 standardized positions, and if so, which one. The person who submitted the form will then receive a determination letter to provide to their HR representative with the HR action request.
When Will This Process Be Required?
Beginning July 17th, 2023, all new position and reclassification requests must have an accompanying TADA committee outcome letter to be approved for posting or action.
How Do I Access the TADA Intake Form?
You can access the TADA intake form by using this link:
I Began a TADA Intake Form, but Now I Can't Access it. What Do I Do?
Before you exited the intake form, you should have received a return code. When you click the intake form link, click the “returning?” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen, then enter your code. If you lost or forgot your code, email, and a CDI staff member will be able to assist you.
How do I create an organizational chart to upload to my TADA intake form?
An organizational chart (that includes the new position you are trying to create, if applicable) must be uploaded to every TADA form. To assist with the creation of an organization chart, you can refer to the Standards for Organizational Charts document.
Who will create the position description after the TADA process is completed?
The departmental hiring manager or other designated personnel will create the position description using the standardized position description templates provided on the CRSO website (if the position falls within one of the 15 standardized positions).
I’m currently in the process of creating new positions for my unit. How should I proceed?
The TADA process will be required for new position and reclassification requests submitted to SOM HR on or after July 17th, 2023. Any new position or reclassification requests that are submitted to SOM HR prior to that date do not need a TADA outcome letter nor does the process need to be re-started.


Mapping Process (For Existing Personnel)

How will positions be “mapped”?

The mapping process is anticipated to consist of multiple parts:

  1. The CRSO will gather information from the CRAU involved to ensure all applicable personnel are identified to be included in the mapping process.
  2. Each employee will complete a questionnaire that attests to their current duties and skill levels.
  3. The completed questionnaire will be reviewed by the employee’s supervisor.
  4. The employee questionnaire, manager review, and other materials will be de-identified and sent to the mapping committee for review.
  5. The mapping committee will provide the employee and their supervisor with the standardized title, job description, and classification.
  6. The employee and/or supervisor will have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have regarding the determination.
  7. The determination will be sent to the unit’s HR representative to submit the revised position information in the UNC-CH system.
Is there a chance that my position will be mapped into a lower classification and/or receive a lower salary?
No, no positions will be moved to a lower classification or salary.
How will I have the opportunity to provide information about my position or my team’s positions?
The mapping process will be conducted for each individual clinical research staff in the School of Medicine. As part of the process, current position descriptions will be reviewed, and the employee and supervisor will have an opportunity to provide details about current duties and skill levels via an online questionnaire.
Who will be included in the mapping process? Are there exceptions that will be made?
All positions whose functions involve human subjects research will be included in the mapping process. However, it may be determined through the process that some positions may not fit within the 15 standardized positions, and no further action will be taken for those positions.
Will my supervisor change?
No, this initiative will not require any changes to reporting structures.
When will my position be mapped?
Once mapping begins, we will go through the process as efficiently as possible. We will select the order of CRAUs to be mapped based on need, size of CRAU, and interest.
Is my position’s purpose or responsibilities going to change?
No. If a position is mapped to one of the 15 standardized positions, we anticipate that its general responsibilities will stay the same.
Is my salary going to change?
There will be no salary decreases as part of this initiative. There may be certain cases where salary increases occur based on the applicable pay factors. Any recommended salary increases will be managed directly by Departments/Centers.