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A pediatric dermatologist is a dermatologist who specializes in diagnosing and treating children, including newborns and infants. This medical doctor first becomes a dermatologist. Extra study and training are needed to become a pediatric dermatologist.

How to become a pediatric dermatologist

Becoming a pediatric dermatologist requires many years of education. To become this type of medical doctor, a person must successfully complete:

  1. College, earning a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Medical school, becoming a medical doctor (MD) or doctor of osteopathy (DO).
  3. Internship, 1 year.
  4. Residency program in dermatology (at least 3 years) and pass the board exams.
  5. Fellowship (advanced medical study and training) in pediatric dermatology (1 to 3 years).

Who is a board-certified pediatric dermatologist?

After successfully completing a fellowship in pediatric dermatology, the doctor can take the board exams. If the doctor passes these exams and meets other requirements, the doctor becomes a board-certified pediatric dermatologist.

All board-certified pediatric dermatologists are:

  • Board-certified in dermatology.
  • Board-certified in pediatric dermatology.

Some also are board-certified in pediatrics.

The Pediatric Dermatology fellowship at UNC

UNC Pediatric Dermatology is an active clinical training experience under the mentorship of Drs. Dean Morrell, Diana McShane and Beth Nieman. Clinical activities are located at the UNC Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center 410 Market Street Suite 400 in Chapel Hill’s Southern Village market center (our core location), UNC’s Hillsborough multidisciplinary clinic and our Raleigh office (near Rex Hospital). In-patient activities occur at UNC Children’s Hospital located approximately 1 mile from our core location. Opportunities for clinical research and teaching are available.

Interested individuals should contact Dr. Morrell via email () to discuss positions and required information. Interviews will be scheduled on an individual basis.

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