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The Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship at UNC

UNC Pediatric Dermatology is an active clinical training experience under the mentorship of Drs. Dean MorrellDiana McShane, Beth Nieman, and Caitlin Haydek.  Clinical activities are located at the UNC Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center 410 Market Street Suite 400 in Chapel Hill’s Southern Village (our core location), UNC’s Hillsborough multidisciplinary clinic and our Raleigh office (near Rex Hospital). In-patient activities occur at UNC Children’s Hospital located approximately 1 mile from our core location. Opportunities for clinical research and teaching are available.

Interested individuals should contact Dr. Nieman via email ( to discuss positions and required information. Interviews will be scheduled on an individual basis.

Additional pediatric dermatology matching information is available though:

Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship Interviews for 2024: An Individualized Approach in Response to Varying Institutional Rules

For the 2024 recruitment season, the Society for Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship Directors Committee offers the following guidance:

Pediatric dermatology programs will interview fellowship applicants in-person or virtually according to their discretion and as directed by their local institutional GME policies.

Programs are encouraged to offer a virtual interview option to each applicant.

No applicant will be penalized for choosing to interview virtually at programs offering in-person interviews, including applicants from the same institution.

Applicants should recognize that many programs are bound by local GME rules and regulations and thus interview format is beyond their control.

We recognize there are costs- financial, environmental, educational, and other- to interviewing in person. We are committed to equity and inclusion, and as such, no program may inquire about the reason a candidate selects to be interviewed in-person or virtually.

In-person interviews at national meetings such as the SPD Annual Meeting and in-person pediatric dermatology elective rotations are allowed.

We are committed to ongoing evaluation of safeguards to maintain equity for applicants as it relates to in-person visits as part of the interview process, including in-person interviews, open houses, or second looks.

Each program will outline their application and interview timeline on their program’s website.

These recommendations are subject to change in the case of updated COVID-19 pandemic or other restrictions required from a public health and safety standpoint.

The Fellowship Directors’ Committee acknowledges that there are no perfect solutions, and no process will address all stakeholder preferences. These recommendations were developed to communicate the approach to fellowship interviews, which, for individual programs who select all virtual or a hybrid model, may in part reflect the local and institutional culture and environment. This document provides guidance based on currently available information as of February 2023.

This statement was composed by Kelly M. Cordoro, MD and Yvonne Chiu, MD, immediate past and current chair, respectively, of the SPD Fellowship Directors Committee, on behalf of and approved by the SPD Fellowship Directors Committee.  The language in this document was adapted from the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine 2022-2023 guidance document: