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Internship in Science and Health Training and Research (ISHTaR)

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Internship in Science and Health Training and Research (ISHTaR)

The University of North Carolina’s Department of Emergency Medicine has three main goals:

  1. Leading collaboratively through research to improve the quality of emergency care;
  2. Teaching the doctors today, to be prepared for the problems of tomorrow;
  3. Caring for patients using the best methods and technology.
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To promote these goals, we provide a unique opportunity to young High School-aged students each summer. In the Internship in Science and Health Training and Research (ISHTaR), we offer students the opportunity to gain experience research and patient care. These students will:

  1. Work closely with existing research teams within the Department of Emergency Medicine to gain valuable teamwork and research experience;
  2. Shadow physicians and nurses across the hospital to experience real-time patient care in the hospital setting; and
  3. Shadow EMS providers in the ambulance to experience real-time patient care before patients ever reach the hospital.

This internship, held at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, NC, is offered under the direction of Dr. Jane Brice and Ms. Julianne Cyr. Dr. Brice serves as the Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine, provides patient care as a physician in the ED, and works with EMS in Orange County, NC. Ms. Cyr serves as a Research Instructor in the Department, guiding the daily research activities of a team of full-time and part-time employees, medical students, and undergraduate students.

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