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Carolina Chromatin Consortium (C3) meeting schedule: Monthly chromatin group meetings involving all of the epigenetics community at UNC and NIEHS allow trainees the opportunity to hear cutting edge science and to receive feedback on their research. This collective group has formed the Carolina Chromatin Consortium (C3), which focuses on the organization of team science groups and tracking key seminars and events related to epigenetics.

EpiCypher 2018: Biological & Clinical Frontiers in Epigenetics This exciting four-day conference at the oceanfront luxury all-inclusive Melia Nassau Beach Resort will highlight recent breakthroughs in epigenetics research. Through scientific presentations, a wide spectrum of topics in epigenetics and chromatin biology will be explored. EpiCypher 2018 will feature keynote addresses by Dr. C. David Allis and Dr. Kristian Helin. Visit: