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Medical Director Maryland Medicaid Managed Care

Primary Care Provider Health Alliance Associates at Helping Up Mission

I was first introduced and drawn to Preventive Medicine through the military where I learned an appreciation for public health, population health management, epidemiology outbreak investigations, and tropical medicine.  After residency, I worked for several years with Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC), focusing on how to use my newly acquired preventive medicine skills to improve the quality and reduce the cost of care for Medicaid patients.  I focused on reducing potentially preventable hospital utilization by redirecting patients to the right care at the right time (Triple Aim).  I now work with Maryland Medicaid where I help the State manage the quality of the Medicaid program.  I have helped address high priority issues through the development of policies and programs including the Maryland opioid utilization policy. My goal is to elevate the quality of care all Medicaid recipients receive. I work with the State government, Federal government, healthcare systems, and payers and in each role. I use my knowledge and skills from my Preventive Medicine training.  It is the knowledge I gained through my Preventive Medicine training that has allowed me to be successful in improving the health of the population I work with.