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In June, The UNC Family Medicine Center at Chapel Hill lobby was renamed “The Longiotti Family Lobby” in recognition of a generous gift from Mr. Samuel Longiotti, in honor of his father, Nazzareno Longiotti. Originally from Corropoli, Italy, Nazzareno Longiotti immigrated to the United States after losing his father, settling in Greenville, Pennsylvania, where he and his brothers and sisters worked to support the family. He was conscious of his obligations and responsibilities and the economic status of others. As his father before him, Nazzareno instilled these values into his children; his favorite quotation was, “you always have to take care of your family.”
This gift’s endowment will strive to honor Nazzareno Longiotti’s commitment to family, responsibility, and equitable support of others regardless of their economic status by supporting the UNC Family Medicine Center. The endowment will help ensure access to necessary equipment and technology, safe and comforting facilities, and support of innovations in care and training to ensure staff, faculty, and learners are able to provide the best care possible.
A diverse group of staff, faculty, and residents contributed to a “thank-you” video for Mr. Longiotti, representing the key work we all contribute to the exceptional, compassionate care that Mr. Longiotti recognizes with this gift.