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UNC Family Medicine Center

Family Medicine - Aycock building -
The Family Medicine Center at Chapel Hill

The Family Medicine Center (FMC) located contains over 50,000 square feet for outpatient care, teaching and administration. The first floor houses the clinic. The second floor includes offices for faculty and staff and a conference wing.

What do our patients look like?

Over 60 clinicians provide over 60,000 patient visits annually. The racial mix of our patients is 56% Caucasian, 28% African American, and 16% other ethnicities.

Approximately 20% of patients are covered by Medicare, 12% are covered by Medicaid, 14% commercial, 43% by managed care plans, 10% are self pay and 1% covered by other health insurance plans.

UNC Family Medicine Center Continuity Care Clinic

Over the course of three years in the program, residents’ practices grow. Interns have a continuity panel of 75-100 patients (from 2-7 patient visits per half day) with a total of 200 or more visits. By second year, panels are between 150 and 200 (7-10 visits per half day) with 500 or more patient visits. By third year, residents average 350 patients (10-11 visits per half day) and can expect to have over 1,000 visits by the end of the year. When residents see patients in the Family Medicine Center, there is a minimum of one faculty preceptor available for questions for every four residents.

Residents learn to work as a team while developing longitudinal relationships with patients and coworkers. The clinic is structured around four separate teams of clinical support staff, residents and attendings. Within these teams, we strive for personal and team continuity with our patients, in addition to a one-on-one physician to medical assistant structure. Our clinic is strengthened by the resources we have to share with patients. On site financial counseling, nicotine dependence programming, nutritionists, social workers, lab and x-ray services, as well as pharmacists, acupuncture, and physical therapy allow us to provide comprehensive care for our patients. The clinic also houses a very robust procedural/skin clinic that the residents work in along with a Sports Medicine clinic housed in its own procedural suite. The clinic medical directors take great pride in providing each resident a diverse patient panel that appropriately grows as the resident continues through the program. Our clinic welcomes patients of all ages, including obstetric care.  Our clinic is constantly evolving to meet the unique needs of our patients including Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorders, gender affirming hormone therapy, and point-of-care ultrasound.

Special Clinics

During the course of training our residents have the opportunity to work in special clinics that are part of the FMC practice. These clinics include a skin and procedures clinic, colposcopy clinic, sports medicine clinic and exercise tolerance test clinic. Skin and procedures clinic provides experience with vasectomies, a variety of biopsies, nail, cyst, and lipoma removals, and other opportunities when they arise.

In the sports medicine clinic, there are ample opportunities for MSK ultrasound and injections. Alternative medicine contributes to this array with an acupuncture clinic within the FMC. This variety gives residents a broad exposure to a wide range of issues in outpatient clinical care and an opportunity to interact with a variety of different providers