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FMC patient residency education
Dr. Kenyona Oni, MD, a graduate of the residency program talks to a patient.

Last year the UNC Family Medicine Residency program was ranked number three in the nation by US News & World Report. But we are so much more than our rankings. Not only do we strive to provide our residents with the highest quality clinical education available, it is also our goal to help young doctors learn to listen and understand their patients — by teaching them what it means to practice in a patient-centered medical home.

We are thrilled to announce the successful application of our joint UNC-Piedmont Health Services proposal for Rural Residency Expansion and Integrated Behavioral Health training, which started July 1st, 2020. We are only one of 20 sites nationwide to receive this half-million dollar HRSA grant–which supports Residency Training in Primary Care–and we are using it to expand our residency in Chatham County and to further develop PHS’s Integrated Behavioral Health program. The goal of this grant is to train rural doctors in the high-level skills required to meet the specific needs of rural communities, through participation in comprehensive, integrated team-based behavioral health care. This includes learning evidence-based models such as the Primary Care Behavioral Health brief intervention framework, Behavioral Health Collaborative Care Model and Medication Assisted Treatment for substance use disorders. 

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to train residents in the community and in the places that need them most – FQHCs.  We hope that these training opportunities can support the excellent work that PHS’s Behavioral Health program does to provide robust care for our patients, strengthen networks of communication that leverage the skills of our community partners, and train physicians who can meet the unique needs of our population. 

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How to Apply

Want to know how to join our team? Check out the steps to apply here.

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About the Program

Our Department provides both comprehensive inpatient and outpatient training, including training in maternal health, behavioral health, practice management and geriatrics.

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Meet our Current Residents

At the heart of all great residency programs are the residents. We are extremely excited to have an enthusiastic, well-rounded group of individuals who are dedicated to creating an enriched, welcoming environment.

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