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The UNC Weight Management program is partnering with Principal Investigator, Dr. Rachel Goode from the UNC School of Social Work and the Living F.R.E.E. Lab, to determine if an 8-week cognitive-behavioral binge eating intervention known as Appetite Awareness Treatment (AAT) has the potential to reduce binge eating and prevent weight gain for Black women who report weekly binge eating episodes and have a BMI over 30. Participants randomly assigned to the intervention group will participate in a 16-week group: 8 weeks of AAT followed by 8 weeks of the Weight Management Program curriculum. Those randomly assigned to the control group will remain on a waitlist for the duration of the study with the opportunity to receive 4 weeks of AAT and/or enroll in the Weight Management Program once the study is complete. At 3 and 6 months, we will examine changes in binge eating and weight for participants in the intervention and the control group. The results of this study will provide additional evidence on the potential of AAT to prevent and treat obesity in Black women. For more information visit: