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Sarah Graham Kenan Distinguished Professor Director of Precision Health & Translational Informatics Deputy Director of Computational Science – NC TraCS

Research Interests

Key words: Rare Disease, Real World Data, Ontologies, Semantics, Precision Medicine

Lab Website

Translational science breaks down traditional silos between scientific disciplines, empowering research innovation and implementation in biomedicine. The Translational and Integrative Sciences Laboratory (TISLab) applies semantic engineering technologies to these varied disciplines to understand the relationship between phenotypes, genetic endowment, and the environment. We aim to accelerate progress and amplify discovery in areas such as rare diseases, long-Covid, Down Syndrome, cancer, and for societal and public health issues such as pandemic response and climate change. TISLab builds global standards to aid communities in advancing their own analytics and is an invested partner in open and team science with diverse contributors.

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