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Ranked first in NIH funding among peer public schools of medicine.

Department News


Message From Our Chair

Fernando Pardo Manuel-de-Villena
Fernando Pardo
UNC Department of Genetics

We advance fundamental, translational, and clinical research in genetics and genomics through innovation, education, and collaboration.

Our graduate programs train students to be creative, sophisticated research scientists prepared to pursue careers focused in genetics and genomics working in academic science, government, or commercial positions.   Students conduct their dissertation research using diverse experimental approaches – from classical genetics to the most modern molecular methods – to address a broad range of contemporary problems in biomedical science.

The Department also includes a clinical arm focused on medical genetics, which covers the broad spectrum of clinical genetic research from disease prevention to diagnosis and treatment. This specialty includes evaluation, mutation discovery, counseling and risk assessment through analysis and genetic testing. Locating the clinical group alongside basic scientists facilitates integration of cutting edge genetic research with patient care.

Bryson Program

The UNC Department Genetics is proud to announce the formation of the Bryson Program for Judicial Science Education!

For more information, including our mission, goals, board members and training videos, please visit the new website here!


EDGE UNC Chapel HillUNC Educational Pathways to Increase Diversity in GEnomics (EDGE) is an innovative 2-year summer program for undergraduate students who are interested in careers in genomics. EDGE especially welcomes applications from students who are underrepresented in the field of genomics.

Highlighted Faculty

Kristy Lee
Kristy Lee, MS, CGC Professor

Kristy Lee, MS, CGC


The Department of Genetics is proud to highlight Professor, Ms. Kristy Lee, for her excellence in clinical service, research, and service.  Ms. Lee’s scientific expertise, clinical experience, teaching excellence, and service to the community exemplifies her long-standing commitment to the utilization of genetics in healthcare.

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