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Project Core

Dynamic Learning Maps

Alternate Assessment System Consortium (DLM) is a 13-state consortium funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to develop an alternate assessment system for students with significant intellectual disabilities. The system will align to the new Common Core State Standards and is based on the development of learning maps which include both traditional learning progressions and the multiple, alternate routes that students with significant intellectual disabilities might take to learn new skills and develop new understandings. The CLDS is a key partner in the consortium taking the lead in creating and testing a multi-modal, universally designed professional development program to accompany the DLM assessment.

Tar Heel Reader

The Center for Literacy and Disability Studies is pleased to announce the development of a growing library of accessible, beginning level readers for students of all ages.  Much thanks to the work of Dr. Gary Bishop in the Department of Computer Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this site offers 1 and 2 switch access to books that are being authored by educators, families, and volunteers from around the world.  With books for adolescents and adults as well as books for young beginning readers, Tar Heel Reader fills a tremendous need in our efforts to address the literacy learning needs of learners of all ages with disabilities.

Please contact the CLDS for the invitation code in order to register for the Tar Heel Reader website.