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OT Spotlight – Jenny Holland, Cumberland County Schools!

Jenny Holland, Cumberland County Schools

I would to spotlight Jenny Holland for the invaluable role she plays on our team and in our community as a resource for sensory processing issues. Jenny says that she has “always had a passion for sensory processing and how it is an integral part of functioning and learning”. Jenny takes her passion for assessing and addressing sensory needs and uses it to share resources and increase awareness on the topic throughout our districts schools and community.

Make and take baskets In her most recent efforts, she was involved in a great experience geared towards helping our community of family members. During the December meeting of the Cumberland County Parent Advisory Committee the focus of the meeting was on sensory strategies that families could use at home during the winter break. They reached out to Jenny and naturally, she rose to the occasion! Jenny worked with PAC meeting organizers to set up magnificent “make and take” centers where parents could come to learn about sensory processing and take home everything needed to provide students with some healthy sensory experiences during the winter break!

Way to go Jenny!

Submitted by Tammy Linnen, Cumberland County Schools

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