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Manashi Chakrabartty-Lim

Manashi Chakrabartty-Lim, OTR/L, will be retiring this summer after 24 years with Guilford County Schools at the wonderful age of 70! She is a graduate of the University of Sydney in Australia, having started her work life as a special education teacher in Singapore. Manashi started her OT career in Florida and has worked as an OT in just about every practice area! We are so glad that she found her way to school-based OT here in Guilford County! Manashi has been a vital part of the GCS OT department – through her supervisory work with many Level II students who later joined us as staff OTs as well as through her passionate advocacy for the students she served over her tenure with GCS. In Manashi’s words, “being an OT is not something I learned; it’s a Way of Life!” She describes this further: “With ethos (the spirit or culture of being an OT) and moral consciousness [guiding] my journeys across the globe, [….] where there was ‘nothing’ (because you may not see it), there was everything!” She describes this ‘nothing’ further by saying “…it penetrates deep into you, and the imprints stay with you forever. Nothing spoken. You just know. Love. Care. Commitment. Desire to do right, to do the best you can…. The inalienable right of every person while inhabiting this Earth…. to serve and be served.” These are some of the life lessons that Manashi has been “privileged to experience. Treasured principles. Simply lived. Humbled by this great understanding of making ‘nothingness’ work for you…. to change lives, like we do as OTs. It is a gift to be used with a moral compass and gratitude…. I can never retire from being an OT – how can I retire from Life?” Manashi, we are forever grateful for YOU!

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