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Meg is completing her fourteenth year as an OT with Guilford County Schools and her sixth year as Lead OT. In her role as Lead OT, one of Meg’s passions is creating or improving processes that encourage OT professional growth to better serve our students, teachers, and schools. Two years ago, after realizing that OTs in GCS had no formal pathway to accomplish the Peer Review element of the annual Self-Assessment Evaluation (Standard 5 – Proficiency Level) as well as wanting to increase opportunities for OTs in such a large department (30 occupational therapists) to connect professionally, Meg researched options for developing a formal Peer Review Process for GCS OT. After pulling together several sources, including an AJOT article “Redesigning the Peer Audit Process to Enhance Clinical Dialogue,” Meg developed a process and accompanying documents to implement a Peer Review Process within the GCS OT department. While the pandemic delayed implementation, the process was successfully undertaken this school year! We were able to work out some kinks, and Meg used solicited feedback from the OTs to streamline the fillable form for improved use next year! Overall, the process was a rousing success – with encouraging and uplifting feedback from the OTs about how affirming it was to watch a coworker deliver her services, discuss clinical reasoning for intervention approaches, and simply get to know another OT a little bit better!

Orest, M. R., & Eyler, S. (2018). Redesigning the peer audit process to enhance clinical dialogue (Suppl.Appendix A). American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 72,7201205050.


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