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This information is also available on the SBPT website under Best Practices/Staffing and EC Director/Coordinator/Staffing.

The official NC DPI Salary Schedules for 23-24 were updated/published in October 2023

Provided here for easy access:

Changes in salary for classified (or non-certified) personnel

Those personnel not required to be certified by the State Board of Education in order to be employed:

Executive Summary, Slide Deck & DPI Salary Schedules

  • Under ‘Other Licensed Professionals’ section Aligned with OSHR ‘Medical/Health’ group
  • Salary range= $5,044 to $8,945 per month
  • Compliant with GS 115C-316(1b) which requires locally set salary schedule
  • Minimums in place by July 1st 2024

Financial and Business Services Page | NCDPI

NC DPI Salary Schedules 2023-2024

  • For Most Classified Positions at the Public Schools
  • Be reminded these are only minimum and maximum.

Local Boards of Education should have scales for these staff and should update them as may be required for State Budget actions.

  • All Scales are based on Full-Time Personnel and a 40 hour work week.
  • The $15 minimum wage for Full-Time State personnel goes into effect July 1, 2022
  • Other than the required $15 minimum ($2,600), the new range minimums are being recommended to go into effect July 1, 2024.
  • These scales do not cover ALL classified positions that may be used or employed at a school district (PSU), as such the Local Boards of Education may adopt their own local salary schedules per GS 115C-47 (21).
  • The new range maximums being recommended may be paid from state/federal funds beginning July 1, 2022.
  • These recommendations provide the range of salary that may be paid from state and/or federal funds allocated to the school district by NCDPI as required in GS 115C-12 (16).
  • Local funds may be used to supplement these ranges as needed by the Local Boards of Education.