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Drew Webster is a senior in the Division of Radiologic Science who had a non-traditional path to UNC-Chapel Hill. As a community college student at Alamance Community College, Webster found that the transition to the University opened a pathway to higher education for him.

“I actually got married right before I entered the program that summer,” Webster said. “I’ve commuted in every single day since then. So, it’s definitely been a non-traditional route.”

Webster described community college as an intermediate step that prepared him before going to a larger institution.

“Knowing that UNC has such a prestigious name in the medical field, and just in general, that just adds to the great experience that you get through this program,” Webster said.

Drew Webster, Division of Radiologic Science
Drew Webster, Division of Radiologic Science

Webster said he was drawn to the field of radiologic science because of the versatility of the degree and variety of jobs available to graduates. The potential of job security means a lot to Webster because he said his family has experienced past hardships.

“With radiologic science, you have so many different fields that you can go into,” Webster said. “It, honestly, just means the world to me that I, more than likely, won’t have to follow in that same situation that my family and I did growing up.”

Webster said he has particularly enjoyed the program’s rotations through clinical sites. He appreciates the experience and the advice from professionals that the rotations offer.

“It creates opportunities for me to gain knowledge in all those different areas,” Webster said. “Say I go to a site out of state—they can ask me a question about a different piece of equipment—and I can tell them I’ve had experience with it because I’ve gone through all these different sites.”

Webster is a recipient of the 2019-2020 Buddy Clark Loyalty Fund Radiologic Science scholarship. He said his scholarship has allowed him to focus on his grades and assignments without added pressure of having to work a part-time job.

“I always had to work on the weekends, typically, in landscaping,” Webster said. “That scholarship has meant that I don’t have to do that every single weekend […] I greatly appreciate it. You have no clue how much that meant to me.”

The Division of Radiologic Science is one of seven housed in the Department of Allied Health Sciences in the UNC School of Medicine.

Brooke Love, Communications Intern