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Latonya Brown-Puryear '93
Latonya Brown-Puryear ’93


Latonya Brown-Puryear


Division of Radiologic Science

Graduation Year:


Current Employer and Job Title:

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Physician with St. Elizabeth Physicians

Tell us about your job:

I have the unique opportunity as an ICU doctor to see people at their worst and in many instances see them rebound. I have been fortunate enough to be a place of solace when people have loved ones who are transitioning. I am an advocate for those who feel they have lost their voices in my ICU. While physically and mentally exhausting, I can’t really imagine any job that would be more rewarding or fulfilling!

How did your education with the Division of Radiologic Science benefit you?:

UNC-CH was a springboard that motivated and helped propel me into my future endeavors. It gave me a supportive base and a tribe of people that I knew would always support me and have my back!