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The GPS (Grant Pre-Submission Notification System) is your one-stop online shop within the Department of Allied Health Sciences to help you complete your grant application correctly and on time. Our goal is to make sure all key DAHS and University personnel can support you to develop and submit the best proposal possible.

All faculty and students must complete the GPS form for any grant, whether internal or external to alert the OORS and ready them to provide any support you need. The GPS will set you up with resources including:

  • Budget development
  • Letters of support
  • Department signatures
  • Assistance with biosketches, grant coordination, methodological consultation, editing, and post-award management.

As soon as you are thinking about preparing an application for a specific funding agency, fill out the GPS. It’s never too early, but you should fill out the GPS at least 30 days before the due date—even if you decide later not to submit the proposal. For more detailed information about the GPS, see this GPS flier.

Applicants seeking a large grant (with an award amount of at least $100,000) can request an external reviewer who will be paid by the DAHS to provide expert editing and advice through the grant preparation phase.