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A style and technology for every ear!

A mission of the UNC HCC is to provide affordable, high value hearing technology without compromising quality of service. Our unbundled (itemized) pricing structure is nationally recognized and ensures that patients only pay for what they need. We are also constantly exploring newly developed technology to lower costs. No matter your budget, our audiologists will help you determine what type of technology is best suited for your hearing and communication needs. As a teaching clinic, we are fortunate to work with every hearing aid brand and none of our providers work on commission or are compensated based on hearing aid sales. You can trust that our faculty Audiologists have your best interest and personal hearing goals in mind when recommending a particular device.

It’s also important to remember that hearing aids are only one tool within a comprehensive hearing treatment plan. Aural rehabilitation + best practice fitting procedures + knowledgeable providers are what equal life changing hearing benefit!

We work with the following manufacturers:

 Bernafon  Phonak  Starkey

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 Relate (United)  Widex  Sonic
 Siemens/Signia  VA issued  Oticon
 Resound  MicroTech/Nu-Ear  TruHearing


Hearing Aids


“Locked” Hearing Aids

Some manufacturers have proprietary software, which cannot be used by providers outside the franchise. These hearing aids are “locked.” Examples include: Audibel, Beltone, Miracle Ear and some older Costco brands. If you have been fit with any of these franchise brands, we are still pleased to work with you! We can clean and inspect your aids and provide appropriate consultation; however, any programming adjustments will need to be made by the dispensing company.

Learn more about Technology Updates Here!

Value Hearing Devices

The cost of a hearing aid is not determined by its size or its strength, but by the complexity of its computer chip. Top-of-the-line hearing aids have the most advanced computer processing and thus are more expensive. However, even entry-level hearing aids can greatly improve one’s hearing and one’s quality of life! In fact, in many listening environments, there is no functional difference between top-of-the-line and entry-level devices. That’s why we offer excellent low-cost options with reduced fitting fees. The initial programming and fitting of the hearing aids is identical to the service provided for top-of-the-line devices; however, follow up visits are provided fee-for-service. With hearing aids available as low as $500 a device, everyone can experience the benefits of improved communication.

What About OTC Hearing Aids?

In an effort to make hearing aids more accessible, the FDA has approved the sale of Over-The-Counter hearing aids. Read more here about the pros and cons of OTC Hearing Aids.