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Proven Research-Based Methods Make the Difference!

Despite the great advances in hearing aid technology that have emerged in recent years, hearing aids do not come out of the box ready for use. Hearing aids need to be programmed and verified for patients to hear their best. Even top-of-the-line hearing aids can be rendered useless if best practice standards are not used.

Real Ear Verification/Speech Mapping

Using a sophisticated microphone measure called Real Ear Verification (or Speech Mapping) our team at the UNC-HCC can take sound recordings from inside your ear canal! The audiologist can now “see” exactly what you hear. The audiologist then adjusts the hearing aid programming to ensure that speech is audible and comfortable. This is the gold standard for hearing aid fitting. Real Ear Verification results in hearing aids that are safe and effective.

Anything less is guesswork. Why take the chance?

Every hearing aid fit at the UNC-HCC undergoes this important verification. If you purchased your hearing aids at another location, we highly recommend having your devices reprogrammed using Real Ear Verification. See Improve My Current Aids for further information.

Watch this Video to Learn More about Real Ear Verification

Patient-Centered Treatment

Hearing care should be centered around an individual’s communication needs and preferences. At the UNC-HCC, our pre-fitting process is more in-depth and more thorough than most clinics to ensure that your treatment plan is right for you. (Read more: Choosing a Hearing Aid). Whether your individualized treatment plan includes hearing devices or not, your audiologist will guide you through all available options and strategies for improving your communication. We think outside of the hearing aid box!