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“I was very impressed with Dr. McKenna and her assistant and the way they assessed my hearing loss and worked to find the best resolution for me.  I am very pleased with my new hearing aids and hope to be able to continue working with Dr. McKenna.” – C.L., Mebane, NC

“I greatly appreciate Dr, Whitson’s help. Her knowledge is impressive. She well understands hearing aid technology and enabled me to understand what could or could not ‘help me. She is thorough, empathetic, goes to great length to help, is persistent, does not push new gadgets. I cannot praise her enough.” – J.B., Chapel Hill, NC

“Dr. Johnson and her team patiently led me through the process of getting hearing aids and learning how to adapt to them. #1 is that they reminded me to remain steady in their use and to be patient while I adjusted to them. The team took time to carefully adjust and setup the hearing aids to modify sound levels where I needed them most. They also carefully listened to my description of where I experienced hearing difficulties.” – C.K., Pittsboro, NC

“Dr. Sjoblad was incredibly helpful. She really listens to her patients, and really cares about helping them. I really enjoyed working with her and getting to know her. I also appreciated the fact that Katie was always so friendly and helpful. I will definitely strongly recommend Dr. Sjoblad and the UNC Hearing and Communication Center to anyone who has hearing issues and needs help.” -L.K., Chapel Hill, NC

“I appreciated the patience and the time Dr McKenna extended to me to get my hearing devices set right for the kinds of situations in which I need to hear better. I am happy with the result. I also want to thank the people working at the reception desk for their kindness and good cheer at all times.” F.T., Chapel Hill, NC

“HCC and Dr. Whitson have been extremely helpful and professional in the two months of my regular appointments to test, fit, acquire and acclimate to new hearing aid devices. I’m very glad that I decided to use HCC as my provider. The locations, knowledge and care are all outstanding.” – J.W., Chapel Hill, NC

“Dr. Whitson is professional, shares her knowledge and expertise, and is personable.  By her actions and her questions and comments, one senses her belief in what she does and her desire to assist the patient with understanding of the hearing process as well as the correct hearing aid for one’s budget but also the correct usage of the hearing aid.  It is so nice to work with her and with her resident.  Everyone in the office is pleasant and helpful, making each appointment an enjoyable experience.  I am so glad I went with the Fearrington Road UNC office and with an hearing aid that is not an OTC.” – L.R., Durham, NC

“The UNC Hearing and Communication Center has changed my life with these new hearing aids. The improvement has been dramatic, and that may be an understatement. It is much more than the technology and the devices. I believe it is even more about how [the audiologist] listened carefully and customized the hearing aids to optimize them for my needs. I never felt rushed and each session after I received the hearing aids produced improvements. I now have complete confidence that I am hearing much better, and I didn’t realize how hard I had been working to hear poorly. I would recommend UNC HCC for anyone who wants to have a great experience that will lead to significantly improved hearing.” – M.S., Chapel Hill, NC

“I appreciated the personal attention to my particular hearing needs. The programs I now have on my hearing aids address my concerns specifically and have helped me hear better in the car, at parties, when watching TV and face-to-face. [The audiologist] and the students were professional and friendly, which made me feel confident that these hearing aids would be suited to my needs. I also felt very comfortable during the fitting process.” -K.P., Chapel Hill, NC.

HCCtestimonial1“I was very impressed with the UNC HCC. We were taken in promptly for all appointments. Dr. Patricia Johnson is an excellent doctor of audiology. She patiently spent all the time necessary to explain test results and help me select hearing aids that would correct my loss and still be cosmetically satisfactory. She did a superb job teaching my husband and I how to maintain the devices.” –P.N., Pittsboro, NC

“It has been a delight to be evaluated and treated by Dr. Whitson and all the staff at UNC HCC. Everyone in the practice is always cheerful, courteous, competent, and so professional and they went above and beyond to find the best solution for my needs. Thank you so much!” – P.G., Durham

“Dr. Johnson was always well prepared and very good at putting me at ease and working with the students. She let the students carry the ball and stepped in only as necessary.  This nurtured the confidence of the students. And, believe me, I was full of many questions. Thanks, Dr. Johnson. Also, the front office staff were always friendly and helpful.” -T.M., Durham, NC

“I wish to express my appreciation for the professional and caring manner that Dr. Johnson exhibited during the diagnosis and installation of my hearing aids. As you might expect, I had some apprehension about needing hearing aids, but her process removed that image. Thank you.” -J.F., Chapel Hill, NC

“Staff understood my difficulties and addressed hem appropriately. Very satisfied with the service and the product.” – R.W., Pittsboro, NC

“This can be very daunting but everyone at the center is welcoming, knowledgeable and encouraging which made the process easier and even enjoyable.” -K.S., Apex, NC

” Dr. Johnson and the staff have been awesome! Dr. Johnson is very knowledgeable and helped me so much! I can hear so much better. Thank you!” – D.B., Fayetteville, NC