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“Caitlyn was a terrific guide through this process. She educated me well, was ever patient and skilled in problem solving. The entire team has been very kind and helpful.” J.O., Chapel Hill, NC

“I highly recommend UNC Hearing & Communication Center. Everyone in the office, including receptionists, students and audiologists, was very nice and knowledgeable. The testing seemed thorough, and the results were carefully explained to me. The training sessions were very helpful, and there were more sessions than I expected. I attended some of the on line webinars which were very well done. The Carolina pompoms upon “graduation” were hilarious. Indeed, everyone made me feel good about getting hearing aids which is often embarrassing for some people.” – S.M., Chapel Hill, NC

“I had an outstanding and excellent experience with the staff and faculty, the evaluation and training, and the hearing aids! I am so pleased with the results and the entire process. I am already recommending you to those who need your services. Thank you!” –K.G., Pittsboro, NC

“I didn’t realize how much hearing loss I had until I started wearing the hearing aids. I am also more conscious of protecting my current hearing when needed. It has definitely improved my quality of life in hearing . I like the technology that makes them easy to use and wear.” – T.B., Mebane, NC

I can hear birds and sounds I didn’t realize were long missing for me. Also, it seems with the aids in my tinnitus is significantly reduced. Thanks!-C.S., Hillsborough, NC

“Growing old and hearing loss should not be a problem. Hearing aids do work if you choose the right doctors and location. For me, the UNC Hearing & Communication Center in Chapel Hill has changed my life. Dr. Patricia Johnson and staff will take care of you & you will enjoy life again.” -F.R., Oriental, NC

“I was aware of my hearing difficulties for more than a year. I was very hesitant as to whom I could contact and know I went to the right place. I was introduced to Stephanie at a track meet where her son and my grandchildren were participating. After several months, I realized Stephanie was Dr. Sjoblad at UNC Hearing. I felt very comfortable making an appointment with Dr. Sjoblad and the process began. I am so very happy I chose to make the appointment and am enjoying social activities in a crowd and my quality of life has improved. I highly recommend UNC Hearing & Communication at Chapel Hill. Wonderful staff.” -J.O., Fayetteville, NC

I can hear birds and sounds I didn’t realize were long missing for me.  Also, it seems with the aids in my tinnitus is significantly reduced.  Thanks!” – C.S., Hillsborough, NC

“Didn’t know what I didn’t know” is the example. I now hear the people well that I had had difficulty with so don’t know what I missed. I like birds but had no idea how clearly I could hear them!” – R.P., Pittsboro, NC

“A life-changing experience – wish I had gone sooner.” -B.H., Snow Camp, NC

“UNC Hearing & Communication Center has been a God-send for me. From the get-go their sensitive and compassionate manner combined with excellence in technical know-how has helped me immensely in coping with my hearing loss. Most recently, my work with Dr. Johnson has been especially valuable. Being able to work with one professional consistently has allowed for the continuity of care I find so essential. I would (and have) recommend(ed) the UNC Hearing & Communication Center to others.” -R.P., Chapel Hill, NC

“Mom’s hearing seems to have improved markedly! I hardly have to write down anything for her, whereas before it had gotten to the point that I had to write down almost everything I wanted to communicate with her. And she can understand many other people now (as opposed to almost nobody before). Thank you so much for your thoroughness with her.  This has been a BIG improvement in her quality of life!” -E.D., Chapel Hill, NC

I love my new hearing aids and am grateful to the UNC staff, especially Stephanie Sjoblad, for all the care and guidance they gave me.” -J.G., Chapel Hill, NC

” Dr. Johnson and her team of assistants are great! I am very grateful for the time they spent testing and analyzing my severe hearing problems. I am pleased with the outcome of using the hearing aids they recommended and adjusted to fit my hearing needs.” – D.W., Hillsborough, NC