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“Endeavors” magazine, which writes about research and creative activity at UNC-Chapel Hill, published an article in its July issue about UNC-Chapel Hill’s history of research and treatment for blood disorders, which began in 1947 under Dr. Kenneth Brinkhous. His seminal work set the stage for major breakthroughs in hemophilia and HIV.

George McCoy, a man with hemophilia, moved to Chapel Hill in 1971 to be closer to UNC — an epicenter for hemophilia research. For more than 40 years, he has participated in clinical trials and was the first person in the world to receive synthetic factor VIII treatment (called recombinant factor VIII) at UNC in 1987. In the article, his story is intertwined with the establishment of UNC as one of the leading research and treatment facilities in the country. To read the complete story, use this link: