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Dr. Key’s lecture, which was delivered on Monday, October 19, 2015, was entitled “Thrombosis in Hemolytic Anemias: What are the Common Themes?”

Dr. William R. Bell (1935-2013) was a master clinician, an internationally acclaimed hematologist and a professor and researcher at The Johns Hopkins Hospital since 1974.

“He loved working at JHH and was most passionate about his patients and working with colleagues committed to excellence in patient care. He has been credited with relief of suffering and many miracles from beloved patients through the years,” states his wife of 47 years Dr. Barbara Bostock Bell, semi-retired pediatric cardiologist. “He was a disciple of Sir William Osler and believed astute observation, keen listening skills, and compassion with competence are the essentials of a physician. He taught his students by example and inspiration not to confuse knowledge of treatment of a disease with treatment of a patient with a disease.”

Dr. Bell’s third home was the University of Notre Dame where he served on the College of Science Council for many years and where he received the Sorin award for lifetime achievement and contributions to humanity in 2000.

During Dr. Bell’s career he published more than 380 articles on hematology and thrombolytic therapy in medical journals and contributed chapters to numerous textbooks. He was a primary Investigator in the national pulmonary embolism research study and was instrumental in dramatic improvement in the treatment of thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura.

In order to honor and promulgate his memory, his family and colleagues wish to establish a lectureship in hematology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.