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Welcome to the Human Pluripotent Cell Core Facility!

The purpose of the UNC Human Pluripotent Cell Core Facility is to advance the frontiers of pluripotent stem cell research by providing comprehensive services and support for basic and translational studies.

Our mission is to empower UNC, RTP, and nationwide scientists and collaborators with state-of-the-art cell reprogramming, genome editing, cell differentiation and organoid technologies to harness the unique potential of induced pluripotent cells (iPSCs) . IPSCs are adult cells reprogrammed to a pluripotent state, capable of differentiating into any cell type in the body. This technology holds immense potential for regenerative medicine, disease modeling, and drug discovery by enabling the generation of patient-specific cells for personalized treatment and the study of diseases at the cellular level.

As a comprehensive resource center, offering high-quality cell products and tailored workflows, we prioritize innovation and quality in fostering scientific breakthroughs and therapeutic advancements. We strive to remain a key player in the global scientific arena and contribute significantly to understanding and treating human diseases.