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In 2016, Dr. Cykert presented for IHQI Speaker Series with the topic, “Cardiovascular Health Improvement: Can Systematic Dissemination Work Across Hundreds of Diverse Practices?” Three years later, Dr. Cykert followed up with his own answer to that question by sharing results of the Heart Health Now intervention. At the IHQI Speaker Series event held on May 22, 2019 in Bondurant G-100, Dr. Cykert presented, “Heart Health Now: Implementing Risk Stratification, Data Tools, and QI Coaching Across NC.” Heart Health Now has been a substantial undertaking, with efforts to reduce cardiovascular risk for over 700,000 adult patients in 219 practices across the state.

Dr. Cykert shared detailed results of Heart Health Now, and concluded that a one year intervention consisting of practice facilitation (i.e. QI coaching), data tools and population management strategies work for all sorts of small primary care practices. The results also suggest that informatics support and practice facilitation can strongly drive the use of new evidence to, specifically, reduce CVD risk and, generally, to promote health and improve outcomes. The work has translated into thousands of events (heart attacks, strokes, deaths) prevented.

Audience members appreciated Dr. Cykert’s presentation style, with one participant remarking, “Dr. Cykert was knowledgeable and funny in his delivery of the information.” Dr. Cykert illustrated his dedication to Heart Health Now by informing the audience that he has put 90,000 miles on his car in 3 years, as a result of visiting the various primary care practices across the state.

IHQI recorded the presentation, and the video is available for viewing. IHQI is grateful for all who attended this event. We always welcome your feedback!