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UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement (IHQI) is recruiting a Quality and Organizational Excellence Leader. Please share widely. Applications due Sept. 18, 2020.

The position is ideal for someone passionate about improving healthcare and health. Must be an exceptional project manager. The role demands versatility, creativity, confidence and enthusiasm.


The UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement (IHQI) invites applications for a Quality and Organizational Excellence Leader (IHQI Quality Leader). IHQI’s mission is to catalyze healthcare improvement, spread and culture change by developing and mentoring clinical improvement leaders. IHQI pursues this mission through a variety of programs including Improvement Scholars.

Improvement Scholars is a structured, experiential learning program. Improvement Scholars learn clinical improvement leadership by proposing, designing and leading a project with guidance and support from IHQI.

Improvement Scholars projects are complex quality improvement interventions that involve designing and implementing systems and approaches to improve healthcare. While individual projects vary in content, focus and type, the purpose of each project is the same: to provide clinicians and other health care professionals with education, systems and support to enable them to implement strategies that improve the quality of healthcare.

Working closely with the Improvement Scholar, the IHQI Quality Leader designs and develops interventions to improve clinical care and plans and facilitates implementation activities. The IHQI Quality Leader provides leadership during project planning, start-up, implementation and close-out. The IHQI Quality Leader must interact comfortably with individuals with diverse skill sets and backgrounds and coordinate activity with multiple stakeholders. The IHQI Quality Leader has frequent contact with physicians and other healthcare professionals and leaders. Effective oral and written communication in a rapidly-changing environment is critical to the IHQI Quality Leader’s effectiveness. The IHQI Quality Leader continually draws on the ability to manage ambiguity, solve problems and prioritize.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Develop and monitor project plan including deliverables, milestones, tasks and timeline
  2. Plan and coordinate meetings and improvement activities involving project stakeholders including clinical and administrative leaders and line staff
  3. Communicate with project stakeholders and team members regarding project status, tasks, implementation challenges, etc. during and between meetings and improvement activities
  4. Plan, coordinate and facilitate project team meetings
  5. Manage project budget and expenditures
  6. Facilitate the development of project documents and materials (e.g. charter, key driver diagram, A3s, run and/or control charts, standard work, training materials, tools to support clinical operations, progress reports, presentations, etc.)


Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline.

  • If a Bachelor’s degree: Three (3) years of experience in quality team facilitation, project management, process improvement or quality data analysis role.
  • If a Master’s degree: One (1) year of experience in quality team facilitation, project management, process improvement or quality data analysis role.

Clinical Experience associated with leading quality improvement efforts may be assessed as equivalent to direct quality improvement experience both in determining minimum requirements, as well as level of experience.