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IHQI is pleased to announce that six projects will be supported through IHQI’s Improvement Scholars Program from Sep 1, 2021 – Aug 31, 2022. Please join us in extending congratulations to the selected project leads:

Sara Abu-Nasser, DO and Elisabeth Dellon, MD, MPH  Improving Telemedicine for Patients with Chronic Illnesses

Kate Dickson, MD, MPH and Donald Rosenstein, MD – Improving Suicide Risk Screening and Assessment of Patients Hospitalized with Burn Injuries

Jaydeep Lamba, MD and Hillary Spangler, MD – Mitigating Inpatient Clinical Deterioration through Timely Recognition and Management

Monika Nanda, MBBS, MPH and Katie Davenport, MD – Improving Care for Geriatric Patients Presenting with Hip Fracture

Johanna Quist-Nelson, MD – Individualization and Implementation of Checklists for Perinatal Emergencies

Claire West, MD – Expanding Access to Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care

Projects were selected after a rigorous review of 15 letters of intent and 13 highly-competitive applications. Selection factors include:

  • likelihood of improvement in clinical care and outcomes that can be sustained and spread;
  • potential for developing clinician capacity to lead healthcare improvement;
  • project’s impact on safety, effectiveness, efficiency, equity, timeliness and patient-centeredness
  • appropriateness of the improvement strategy.

The purpose of the Improvement Scholars program is to develop clinical improvement leaders who will ultimately mentor others to improve care and outcomes. IHQI provides training, mentorship and guidance as well as half-time support of an improvement project manager.

The Improvement Scholars Program is an experiential-learning program that incorporates the following:

  • Lean and Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Quality Improvement
  • Partnering with Patients and Families
  • Project Management
  • Teamwork
  • High- and Low-Fidelity Simulation
  • Using Data for Improvement
  • Presenting and Publishing Improvement Results

The UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement’s mission is to catalyze healthcare improvement, spread and culture change by engaging providers in improvement projects, training and research.